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We as a service provider, provide you with web online software that is unique in all over India named as School/ College/ Institute Management System. The best part of it is that we provide it free to you, yes! It is free of cost. the market as the sales organization. We also provide you free dynamic Website which is fully self customized as a result user has a full control over it and can make changes as per his/her comfort ability requirement. You are not required to buy software from us like a sales organization in the market. We provide you the software and then the service for the software. The service that we provide vary from the plan you choose from us, its cost and validation will vary depending on the choosen plan. We wish to provide you service that is long lasting and beneficial for you We provide Services to:
  • School Management System
  • College Management System
  • Institute Management System
  • Dynamic Website
  • Static Website
  • Institute Website & Application
  • Bulk SMS Service
  • SEO Service
  • Monthly Magazine Service
  • Jobs Portal Service
  • Search Engine Service

The software School/College/ Institute Management System could be understood as it is a software build for the internal and external communication and organisation of all the members including from the director of the institute to the staffs along with students, parents and teachers. There will be profiles created for each user of the management system. Exchange of data is possible among profiles, library facility is provided and including the payroll management and accounts management. As a whole the software deals with the full work load of the institute. The modules in the software could be understood as the website will record each concept and details that should be stored for the respective aspects of institute. And helps to the students, teachers, parents, accountants and the director too to get notified via sms, emails, news board, pop-ups and can know all the details they are required to. The director could send any notice to any person. We promise to provide you guaranteed 24*7 service; our staff members are always willing to help you and provide you a proper support all way possible. Our software product will become your right hand for the work load of yours in institute management. Thus a total School/College/ Institute management package it is. We as a benefit to the clients, provide free advertisements for their institutes in our job portals, search engine and print media (Monthly Magazine and Yellow Pages).