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 Service industries

In the service industry we have a number of positions at which we hire eligible people. The positions are Team Lead, Technical Service representatives, Senior Service representatives and Service Representatives.

These positions are responsible for the presentation of services that our company provides to our clients. We have got so many plans for the comfort of our different clients. The service representatives are responsible for the presentation where as the senior service representatives are responsible for the help and support for them. The technical service representatives are the one to make the service understand by the seniors service representatives and their support. The teams are made for all of them and these teams are lead by few team leaders who are responsible for the team performance.

We as a service provider, provide our clients with web online software that is unique in all over India named as School/ College/ Institute Management System.  And we provide the software service at the minimum cost in the market and we have variety of service plans according to your comfort level.

The best part of it is that we provide the website setup free to you, along with the administration of it. We as a benefit to the clients, provide free advertisements for their institutes in our job portals, search engine and print media (monthly magazine).

We promise to provide you guaranteed 24*7 service