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School Management System
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    Our web online software is named as school Management System. We have some of the great features which makes it unique from the any other school management software. As mentioned below:


    • Accurate/Automatic Student Attendance
    • Smart Timetable
    • Daily Absentee Report
    • Fee details via sms
    • Daily lesson reports (online)
    • Cultural & Sports Activity Man
    • Evaluation & Performance.
    • Bulk SMS facility for special events and announcements
    • Exam Management
    • Meal Monitoring
    • Robust employee attendance system
    • Better Parent/Guardian information system


    The features could be explained as: the student’s attendance could be recorded in the system and automatically each parent of their respective child will get notified about it via sms. So it fulfills the gap between school and parents and children gets 100% security. Not just that! The parents can also check the daily report of the class work and home work of the child through it. And in this busy schedule of today’s life it is very useful.

    The fee details are sent to parents via sms and also the fulfillment of fee can be informed to parents the same way. Event management like the management of sports, cultural, educational seminars can be managed through it. It helps report parents about their child through sms and mails.

    Also each user gets an individual profile created for the system, they can login and get required information. Exam management is a big profit of the system, every scheduling and informing the parents about the exam could be done. And also the results could be uploaded on the internet.

    News board is provided and internal communication of each user whether parents, teachers, director, staffs or students could connect to each other with their profiles created.

    So here we attract parents as they can get each report of their child along with the presence and absence report in the school. And school proves to be the best.


    • We provide UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER for all students (online services).
    • We message and make call to all parents.
    • Control & Access School Activity from anywhere.
    • Fee details via sms
    • Reduce manual work involved in free collection, accounting.
    • Single software to manage entire school.
    • School Admin Empower Management to enable Staff and Engage parents on School day to day activities.
    • Centralize school administration similar to Bank’s.
    • Better utilization of staff time and productivity.
    • Save time, money, go green.
    • Eliminate redundant workflows, unwanted delays in communication.
    • Develop websites @ free of cost for your school.
    • We advertise school on yellow pages as well as on magazines.
    • Better accounting of students whereabouts during school hours.
    • More parental involvement in ascertaining student presence in schools.
    • Improves students attendance ratios.


    • We make thanks message to all guardians/parents behalf of school.
    • To view the overall developments details of the students.
    • Track children, assignments, teacher feedback.

    Each day the students will register their attendance with the biometric device. The S.M.S server will download the attendance data at a pre-set time. It will process the attendance and send a set SMS to the parents/guardians of the absentee student via School Management System SMS gateway server. The message template can be set by the school authorities to their liking.

    • The system also allows school authorities to send SMS alerts to parents/guardians regarding special events and emergencies.
    • S.M.S also has a module which can monitor the students who use the school bus. this data can be transferred to the schools S.M.S.
    • S.M.S is built on robust client-server architecture and supports multiple simultaneous clients which enable admin staff to perform their function with utmost ease.
    • S.M.S also has fully integrated Time Manager Software which provides various employee attendance and HR related functions. E.g. Shift Scheduling, Attendance Summary, Leave Management etc. S.M.S Time Manager Module can also be integrated with leading payroll processing software.