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Print Media Portal

Print media is anything that is in print, to inform the public. Some good examples of this are magazines, newspapers, some books and some journals. In print media, the advantage of catering to specific target audience opens up countless opportunities to enhance sales figures. A fashion magazine would highlight cosmetic products and fashion accessories. At the same time, a sports magazine would display sports related ads to cater to its readers. There is no wastage of resources as ads get to reach the target audience.

A major advantage in magazine advertising is that an advertiser can request special ad positioning. This means you can ask that your ad is placed in a specific page or within a column article. This will bring greater visibility to the brand. This is also commercially more effective as potential buyers would notice it. It is a different matter if you don’t want to specify where your ad should appear.

Types of Print Media:

The print media is an industry which gathers and publishes news in the form of newspapers, magazines and other printed publications. The majority of print media are local with the exception of magazines which can have an international distribution. Print media depend on advertising for the generation of revenue and they achieve this by selling advertising space. There are several types of print media.

à Newspapers are the most popular and easily recognizable form of print media. Newspapers can be published daily or weekly and cover local and international news stories. A newspaper is usually divided into different segments, news, opinions, advertisements, announcements, sports news, cartoons and television listings. A newspaper is a useful means for the dissemination of information, which is why it has remained popular despite the advancement in technology

We publish monthly magazines to provide you with data dissemination along with us.

àOur magazine is a publication which is published on a set schedule monthly. Our magazine is usually funded by advertisers, outright purchase at magazine stands, from vendors and other distribution outlets, and through subscription by readers but we provide free advertisements to our clients for their institutes and organization.. Magazines usually have a niche audience since they focus on a specific interest; a magazine focusing on horses would target those who have interests in horses, and magazines focusing on housekeeping or women's health usually target women of a certain demographic. Magazines can be available in specific regions or cities, in the whole nation or even internationally.

àA newsletter is a publication which usually deals with one topic which its subscribers find useful and which is distributed on a regular basis. Clubs, societies, churches, businesses and associations regularly produce newsletters to provide information to their members, employees and customers. Some newsletters are used as a means for making money because they are sold directly to subscribers.

We publish monthly magazines to provide you with data dissemination along with us. Also we provide free advertisements to our clients.