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All employees who will associate with this company shall be getting the highly beneficial in the future aspects of life, and they will be integral part of our current and future success. These inter-related ‘secretes’ of success are often over looked, as many people find themselves doing work which they dislike, or even starting a business which they will not enjoy. We offer qualified, driven, focused and dynamic individuals a career opportunity that is a perfect combination of continuous growth, learning, team work & fun. Our international work culture nurtures talented individuals to become future leaders and our HR practices are designed to maximize job satisfaction and job promotion.

You can get different types of job opportunities with us such as Marketing Head, Team Lead, Technical Service Representative, Senior Service Representative and service representative. We pride ourselves in having implemented career growth programs tailored to empower individual employees. We look for selected employees who have the potential to grow within the organization with increasing responsibility and higher remuneration

Training and Development:

It is basically done for providing the information to current, real-world needs; based on this, selecting training and development methods that include the trainee 's actually applying new information. A very expensive technology where current workers are unskilled and needs training & development courses this eventually increase costs massively to the organization. Job redesigning or a technological breakthrough require some type of training and development efforts. An upgrading performance. The project focused, A study on effectiveness of training and development programme in brakes India limited was under taken. Over their competitors known as competitive advantage.


Arranging employee orientation programs & decides this providing the technical skills as well as behaviour training all employee for effective performance. This area is very important for career progression of an individual in the organisation. Convectional training is required to cover esential work-related skills, techniques and knowledge and much of this section deals with taking a positive progressive approach to this sort of traditional training