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Just like we provide you services in all aspect and to the best way. We also along with that guarantee you to avail the software product in the minimum costing. You can get it assured as we provide you totally free website setup of our software product named as School/College/Institute management system.


We cost only for the service that we provide that is applicable after the delivery of the product software to you. And even if you have some concerns related to our service we ensure you with total compatibility like we offer you plans.



These plans are of variety types and you are free to choose the one you want. These plans could be understood as it could be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. And to the superior we have a onetime pay plan for life time. All the plans that we offer are made such that we have concerned all the possible different type of clients we get. And all our plans are very user friendly that is too guaranteed.


The payment modes are of two types that we accept. It could be:

 ECS(Electronic Clearance System)

 Post Dated Cheque.


And the payment has no poor date limitations but we offer the payment relaxation for the date till the date to 10th of the month.

Email Id:-

Helpline No.- +91-77-0701-0701